OXFORD – Day 4

We left London and headed for Oxford, the town where the Oxford Universities are located.  It is the second oldest university in continuous operation, and the oldest in English speaking countries.  There are more than 38 colleges and a full range of academic departments.  All the colleges are self governing.
St Mary Magdalen, a church of England parish church located just outside the city walls. As you walk around the town, you notice there are flowers hanging everywhere.
 including on construction.

I loved the ornate doors as we walked toward The Bodleian Library where a copy of the Magna Carta (the later ones) is located, we looked into some of the court yards.  Unfortunately, all the colleges were closed on the day we visited as graduation ceremonies were taking place.     

I just loved the heads – 
Here is our Program Director – David Sherring (on the right) with one of the Oxford Bulldogs, or Oxford University police. He is giving us an explanation of what is happening and what the Bulldogs are responsible for at the university. Love the hats.

There are statues everywhere.  You need a map to help decifer who they are supposed to be. But apparently the pigeons liked them.

Across from the library is this area that has doorways to the study halls.  Like was explained in Harry Potter, some of the books are not allowed to be taken out, but may be read in these rooms.  I have only included a couple.  Notice that each door is different.  The doorways are all around the inside walls of the courtyard.

At the bottom of some of the downspouts – there are faces.

Another college courtyard.

The University church of St Mary the Virgin.

gargoyles abound here.

We then walked around the town for a bit and I dashed into a market – 

And more colleges –

And some graduates just after their ceremony – 
And now it was time to head back to our bus – so more flowers.

We now headed off to Cheltenham – but first, Do you know where Churchill is buried?  A small town called Bladon.  We stopped here first.
 The metal workers made this gate for Churchill.

 I saw this little plot and had to say aww as it said – and also Mummy.

Then it was on to Bourton on the Water – Venice of the Cottswolds.

Now it was time to head to our hotel to check in and have dinner.