New Orleans, LA

New Orleans with friends April, 2017.  What more needs to be said.  Good Food and Good Friends. Sorry for the big delay in posting this.

Starting at the Acme Oyster House – for crayfish (for some) and oysters for others.

Then we have to walk off what we just ate.  So on to the sights and sounds of NOLA. From big kids to little kids with drum sticks and empty pails.



Lots of walking.  The next morning we head over to Cafe Du Monde for what else – beignets. But first a walk by the river – with the morning fog.

 and who do we spot – but Darth Vader.

Now we have to walk off this…so back by the river – and Becky finds these two to pose with.

Ahh then it is lunch time – and off we go to Mother’s.  
OK, so more walking because of all we ate here – back to the French Quarter and to get a carriage ride.

And not just any carriage ride – but our mule – named Mother in Law, has her hooves painted purple.  
And Becky with our driver. So off to see more..

Oh dear – its dinner time –    heck of a decor – all those bottles – who dusts them?

The next day its off to the Garden district – via the trolley.

first stop is the oldest cemetery.   and then on to some homes..  and Gloria finds a cat and a dog on the porch. 

  Gee it must be lunchtime again…..

  and there are beads everywhere..

Next morning its time for breakfast – and you can’t eat beignets all the time – so now its time for The Grill.  

and more walking.   Yes that is our carriage (with all that purple). in front of Jackson Square with Saint Louis Cathedral behind.
 all manner of things decorate balconies.

and to the French Market for a little jazz – 
and all manner of things you can buy.  
and even someone who looks like a young Boy George 
And it must be time to eat again – seriously – 

Dancing in the streets.

And fun as it has been – its our last day – and time for one last breakfast at the Grill so we could celebrate my birthday – and blow out his lighter  (lol).

    Becky shaking the painting’s hand good bye.

I’m still FULL (and I am posting this months after the trip).  It’s time to go again.