Bamberg, Germany – Post 13

Wow, doing catch-up with the final days of the trip. Sorry this has taken a couple of days, it was too hectic to post while changing locations.  Our last stop on the cruise (before we get off) is Bamberg.
But first let’s start with a couple of views before we arrived. Wild Irises, side river channels and other flowering plants along the river.
Bamberg-1 Bamberg-2 Bamberg-3
We started our walk into town..Bamberg-6  Bamberg-4 Bamberg-5 Bamberg-9  Bamberg-10 Bamberg-7 Bamberg-8  looking up to Michaelsberg Abbey Bamberg-13 we walked across a bridge with flowers  Bamberg-11 to get into the main part of town.  Bamberg-15 Bamberg-19 Bamberg-21 Bamberg-12 Bamberg-14  Bamberg-16 Bamberg-17 Bamberg-18 Bamberg-20 Bamberg-22 Bamberg-23 Bamberg-24Bamberg-25 Bamberg-26 Bamberg-27 Bamberg-28 Bamberg-29  The Schlenkerla, one of Bamberg’s breweries and taverns.Bamberg-31 to the Bamberg CathedralBamberg-30 Bamberg-32 Bamberg-33 Bamberg-34 Bamberg-35 Bamberg-36  and the New Residence (Neue Residenz)Bamberg-37 Bamberg-38 Bamberg-39 Bamberg-40 Bamberg-41  and the rose garden  Bamberg-42 Bamberg-44 Bamberg-46 Bamberg-49  view of Michaelsberg AbbeyBamberg-48  and view of the city below..Bamberg-43 Bamberg-45 Bamberg-47  and more views of the city Bamberg-50 Bamberg-51 Bamberg-52 Bamberg-56 Bamberg-61  some of the other passengers enjoying a beer in a cafe.
Water plays a big part of this city and here are some white water kayakers showing their stuff through some gates right in the heart of town – around the Old Town Hall. Bamberg-53 Bamberg-54   Bamberg-58 Bamberg-59 Bamberg-60   Bamberg-64  Bamberg-57  and city hall Bamberg-55
This city has some wonderfully decorated buildings, statues and art work around town.
Bamberg-62 Bamberg-63 Bamberg-65 Bamberg-66
even holders for the shutters were decorated Bamberg-70
and doorsBamberg-71 Bamberg-72 Bamberg-68   Bearbette enjoyed a capuccino while waiting for our walk back. Bamberg-67  and one last reminder of the wonderful buildings of this town.  Bamberg-69