I started this as a blog of my trips with Carol.  I am expanding it to other friends now that Carol cannot always go with me.  So this is now to cover all friends with which I travel – including Carol when she can join us. So Becky, Gloria, Diane, and of course Carol, off on our adventures.

Carol and I sometimes travel together and with my love of photography and Carol’s willingness to go just about anywhere I thought this might be a good idea for our friends and family to see what we are up to.  My thanks to Carol for her graciousness in putting up with my waking her at all hours to go get that special sunrise photograph.  I have dragged her out in below freezing temperatures and way before sunrise to drive to “that spot”.  Everyone should have a friend or two like Carol.

Did I mention Carol likes to take photographs as well, usually of flowers?  I will be photographing something, oh like an American Bison in Yellowstone, and Carol is off taking photographs of wildflowers, completely ignoring the bison.  That is what I love about Carol – we can go places and she will find something that interests her and I will be off trying for a photo of some wildlife.

So this blog is going to try to tie that together for our friends, family and acquaintances.   Sue
Carol d Karski_avatar d

My other blog is a 52 week themed photography blog – http://suekarski.wordpress.com/


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