Bamberg, Germany – Post 13

Wow, doing catch-up with the final days of the trip. Sorry this has taken a couple of days, it was too hectic to post while changing locations.  Our last stop on the cruise (before we get off) is Bamberg.
But first let’s start with a couple of views before we arrived. Wild Irises, side river channels and other flowering plants along the river.
Bamberg-1 Bamberg-2 Bamberg-3
We started our walk into town..Bamberg-6  Bamberg-4 Bamberg-5 Bamberg-9  Bamberg-10 Bamberg-7 Bamberg-8  looking up to Michaelsberg Abbey Bamberg-13 we walked across a bridge with flowers  Bamberg-11 to get into the main part of town.  Bamberg-15 Bamberg-19 Bamberg-21 Bamberg-12 Bamberg-14  Bamberg-16 Bamberg-17 Bamberg-18 Bamberg-20 Bamberg-22 Bamberg-23 Bamberg-24Bamberg-25 Bamberg-26 Bamberg-27 Bamberg-28 Bamberg-29  The Schlenkerla, one of Bamberg’s breweries and taverns.Bamberg-31 to the Bamberg CathedralBamberg-30 Bamberg-32 Bamberg-33 Bamberg-34 Bamberg-35 Bamberg-36  and the New Residence (Neue Residenz)Bamberg-37 Bamberg-38 Bamberg-39 Bamberg-40 Bamberg-41  and the rose garden  Bamberg-42 Bamberg-44 Bamberg-46 Bamberg-49  view of Michaelsberg AbbeyBamberg-48  and view of the city below..Bamberg-43 Bamberg-45 Bamberg-47  and more views of the city Bamberg-50 Bamberg-51 Bamberg-52 Bamberg-56 Bamberg-61  some of the other passengers enjoying a beer in a cafe.
Water plays a big part of this city and here are some white water kayakers showing their stuff through some gates right in the heart of town – around the Old Town Hall. Bamberg-53 Bamberg-54   Bamberg-58 Bamberg-59 Bamberg-60   Bamberg-64  Bamberg-57  and city hall Bamberg-55
This city has some wonderfully decorated buildings, statues and art work around town.
Bamberg-62 Bamberg-63 Bamberg-65 Bamberg-66
even holders for the shutters were decorated Bamberg-70
and doorsBamberg-71 Bamberg-72 Bamberg-68   Bearbette enjoyed a capuccino while waiting for our walk back. Bamberg-67  and one last reminder of the wonderful buildings of this town.  Bamberg-69


Wurzburg, Germany – post 12

First I must begin with a rainbow that we saw as we were dining yesterday.WURZBURG-1  and a castle ruin that we passed around 6 am WURZBURG-2 and some river otters swam along the edge – and of course I wasn’t quick enough to catch the photo as it dove in from the bank.WURZBURG-3  workers in the vineyards – WURZBURG-4
some art work under the bridges WURZBURG-6 WURZBURG-7  and we sail into town   WURZBURG-5  WURZBURG-8  WURZBURG-9  and palaces on the hill WURZBURG-13 WURZBURG-12  WURZBURG-11 WURZBURG-10
we then took a bus ride to Wurzburg Residenz, one of Germany’s largest and most ornate baroque palaces.  Unfortunately, it was bombed during WWII, but though a number of the roof sections were destroyed and burned, the large ceiling was in tact and the fresco remains.  A number of the other rooms have been restored.  Unfortunately for me, you are not allowed to take any photographs inside, so all I can show here are some outside images of the building and the wonderful gardens.
WURZBURG-18 WURZBURG-14 WURZBURG-15 WURZBURG-16 WURZBURG-17  WURZBURG-19 WURZBURG-20 WURZBURG-21 WURZBURG-26  WURZBURG-22  and the gate as we enter the gardens..WURZBURG-27  views from the side and back gardens..WURZBURG-28 WURZBURG-30 WURZBURG-31 WURZBURG-32 WURZBURG-35  along side the trunks of these trees are these lovely statues..WURZBURG-29 WURZBURG-24WURZBURG-50 WURZBURG-25   and the back gardensWURZBURG-38 WURZBURG-39 WURZBURG-40 WURZBURG-41 WURZBURG-42 WURZBURG-33  WURZBURG-49 WURZBURG-43 WURZBURG-44 WURZBURG-45 WURZBURG-46 WURZBURG-47 WURZBURG-48  and a couple of items from the roof – WURZBURG-37 WURZBURG-34
And then a walk into town WURZBURG-51 WURZBURG-52 WURZBURG-57 and a walk to the cathedral WURZBURG-55 WURZBURG-56 WURZBURG-58 WURZBURG-59 WURZBURG-53 WURZBURG-54
inside the cathedral
WURZBURG-62  WURZBURG-61 and two side alters WURZBURG-63 WURZBURG-64 WURZBURG-65 outside the door to the cathedral looking towards the street to the river – WURZBURG-66 a cycling group makes their way passed us.  And a short distance around the corner – another church. WURZBURG-67 and another WURZBURG-69  and I will stop there as I thought our guide said there were 40 churches (but I could be wrong).
But a street over, they were having a wine festival until June 5.  WURZBURG-68 and a nice walk back to the ship – WURZBURG-72 WURZBURG-70 WURZBURG-71
To celebrate our trip – we had our own wine party. Lloyd and all the ladies.WURZBURG-73
To end today’s post, here are a couple of the wonderful dining staff – Angel and Jose took good care of us this trip and kept us laughing.WURZBURG-75 WURZBURG-74  And last but surely not least – Mary Ann, the Head Chef.  She is the reason we all gained weight. Such good food.
WURZBURG-76  Just Bamberg, Germany and then we will be leaving the ship.  It is so peaceful sailing the river – with birds chirping and the sounds of the water softly lapping on the shore.I don’t want to go….


Miltenberg, Germany – post 11

Miltenberg is the Pearl of the Main (pronounced mine) as the locals refer to it.  It is a small town nested on a narrow strip of land among the hills of Odenwald and the Spessart.  The Romans conquered the area and were present between 150 AD and 260 AD.  There are the ruins of 2 castles found so far.   But before going into town, we had some entertainment on board with Tomy Temerson playing the Zither..

MILTENBERG-5  and we have had a few locks to go through to get here – MILTENBERG-6  yes we are that close to the wall.


and some river views – MILTENBERG-4 MILTENBERG-8 MILTENBERG-10  MILTENBERG-3   and some locals came to see us.MILTENBERG-1  and some entertainment at lunch – with our server Angel – MILTENBERG-7
and off to town after lunch – with our guide – Jef, for some of us, the rest took a hiking tour.  MILTENBERG-9  MILTENBERG-13 MILTENBERG-14 MILTENBERG-15 MILTENBERG-11 Hiking tour went up here to the Castle.
MILTENBERG-12  MILTENBERG-17 MILTENBERG-18 MILTENBERG-19 MILTENBERG-20 MILTENBERG-21 MILTENBERG-22 MILTENBERG-23 MILTENBERG-24 MILTENBERG-25 MILTENBERG-26 MILTENBERG-16  MILTENBERG-38 MILTENBERG-39 MILTENBERG-40 MILTENBERG-41 MILTENBERG-42 MILTENBERG-43 MILTENBERG-44 MILTENBERG-45  bear’s new love was out traveling with us.MILTENBERG-46 MILTENBERG-47  this was a cellar for schnapps and wine which into the hill kept it a constant 7 degrees c. MILTENBERG-29 MILTENBERG-33  MILTENBERG-50   you know Becky had to have a photo with him.  He had lived in San Diego.MILTENBERG-49
And for our friends who hiked in the rain – yes it rained on us off and on..MILTENBERG-27  MILTENBERG-34 MILTENBERG-28 MILTENBERG-30 MILTENBERG-31 MILTENBERG-32  MILTENBERG-37 MILTENBERG-35 MILTENBERG-36  There were so many quaint streets, doorways and curtains. This post could go on forever. ok the curtains, but then I must move on….MILTENBERG-52  cute huh?

and then we sail on to Wurzburg.
But there are still sights on the river – MILTENBERG-48  or just relaxing after a long walk  BERNKASTEL-60
We all feel this cruise should go on longer, as we are not wanting it to end.

Rudesheim, Germany – post 10

After the wonderful, though cool sail past the castles we arrived at Rudesheim.

And no sooner had we docked than another ship docked to our ship. And they get real real close.  Hello neighbor.

We boarded a “train” to town. RUDESHEIM-5 RUDESHEIM-6 RUDESHEIM-7

We started with a tour of Siegfried’s Mechanical Musical Instrument Museum. There were all kinds of calliopes and music boxes dating back to the 18th century.  RUDESHEIM-8
RUDESHEIM-10  RUDESHEIM-9  RUDESHEIM-57RUDESHEIM-11  RUDESHEIM-12  RUDESHEIM-13  RUDESHEIM-15  RUDESHEIM-16  a few of these were played for us, and they use the paper rolls for the music.  RUDESHEIM-38
RUDESHEIM-17  RUDESHEIM-18  RUDESHEIM-19  RUDESHEIM-14  RUDESHEIM-20  RUDESHEIM-21  RUDESHEIM-22  RUDESHEIM-23  RUDESHEIM-24  RUDESHEIM-25  RUDESHEIM-27 RUDESHEIM-28 RUDESHEIM-29 RUDESHEIM-30 RUDESHEIM-31 RUDESHEIM-26  RUDESHEIM-33 RUDESHEIM-34 RUDESHEIM-35 RUDESHEIM-36 RUDESHEIM-37 RUDESHEIM-32 RUDESHEIM-55 RUDESHEIM-56RUDESHEIM-46 RUDESHEIM-39 RUDESHEIM-41 RUDESHEIM-42 RUDESHEIM-44  yes and even violins.RUDESHEIM-45   and there were ancient fresco paintings on the ceilings and some walls.RUDESHEIM-40 RUDESHEIM-43 RUDESHEIM-50 RUDESHEIM-52 RUDESHEIM-53 some of the machines had figures that played instruments.  RUDESHEIM-48 RUDESHEIM-47   RUDESHEIM-49   the top opened up to reveal violins that tilted to play while the piano played below.

RUDESHEIM-54  and this little bird sang and moved. It is small as he is holding this in one hand.
Some of the group went to sample their special coffee and brandy, chocolate, and whipped cream. RUDESHEIM-59  RUDESHEIM-58  RUDESHEIM-60  RUDESHEIM-61  and it was not decaf.
But of course there were other things like apple streusel and baumstriezel. RUDESHEIM-66 now I didn’t take a photo of the streusel as the ice cream was melting.  So we took a photo of the white violin in the case with brandy snifter next to us.  RUDESHEIM-62 RUDESHEIM-63 and some strawberry drink.
And for those that did not head back to the ship but took a gondola ride to the top…RUDESHEIM-65 RUDESHEIM-67 RUDESHEIM-68 RUDESHEIM-69 RUDESHEIM-64
and now I am only behind with today’s photos from Miltenberg as we are already sailing for the stop after that.
Just a warning, we are nearing the end of the cruise and with transfers to hotels, some of the posts will have to wait until I get back home as I am having a time trying to get through everyone’s photos from the group, which means I am posting more than usual.  But hope you are enjoying them.

Castles on the Rhine – post 9

We have left the Moselle River in the early morning hours and made our way to the Rhine.  Though these are not all the castles on the Rhine, these are the ones we saw as we sailed a small portion of the river.

We start our trek in fog, which fortunately was just high enough in order for us to see the castles. It would take too long for me to add the names of the castles or towns under each, as I would have to look each up. So please just enjoy the glide down the river with us, without the neck strain of looking left then right and up.
this is not a castle ruin but the entrance to a tunnel for the train.
yes it was a bit cool on the front top deck.
CASTLES -55  CASTLES -56  CASTLES -58 our next stop Rudesheim CASTLES -57 and Roos our cruise director.


Bernkastel, Germany – post 8

A picturesque Moselle town with what I think of in a Bavarian town. The houses are unique with medieval half-timbered construction with indicators of wine blends/brands throughout. Very little to say as it was so enjoyable a place to visit – and there are a lot of pictures – so just sit back and enjoy as you scroll through.
A view from our ship as we docked –
across the river –BERNKASTEL-14

BERNKASTEL-15walking to town with the clouds on the top of the hillside.

BERNKASTEL-2 a stone building.

BERNKASTEL-16 on the side of the church.
some fountains

which way do you go?BERNKASTEL-6  Becky found some more doors…BERNKASTEL-33  BERNKASTEL-51  and least we not forget, there are some vineyards – BERNKASTEL-37  BERNKASTEL-1  and gates to the vineyards – BERNKASTEL-36 BERNKASTEL-35 ..
and of course a castle ruin on top of the hill..BERNKASTEL-17 which you could walk up to and Georgia did…BERNKASTEL-65  BERNKASTEL-67 BERNKASTEL-63 BERNKASTEL-61  and what a view from up high – BERNKASTEL-64 BERNKASTEL-66 BERNKASTEL-62  and what goes up must come down – what a walk – BERNKASTEL-70 back down to town and of course a church…BERNKASTEL-56

and across the river is Kues. BERNKASTEL-58  and a walk back to our ship.  BERNKASTEL-57 with swans in the river.

and Gloria and Lloyd from their balcony..BERNKASTEL-71

Then the last excursion of the day was across the river to Kues for some wine tasting.  BERNKASTEL-68 BERNKASTEL-69




Trier, Germany – post 6

Our first port after getting on board, Trier Germany.

There were two morning tours, one for Roman history and the other a tour of Trier.  The group split up and selected the tours that suited them.

Driving through the city we saw this monument next to a church.


Our guide took us up a hillside with a view down onto the city.  TRIER-1


we started our walking tour next to Porta Nigra, this is the northern gateway of the Roman city constructed in the 2nd century.  It was later used as a church.



TRIER-16walking through this to market square – Hauptmarkt dating from 958 – showing the tower (1507) of the Churxh of St Gangolph.





to Three Kings House


We stopped at Cathedral and Church of Our Lady

the church used to be larger, its shape changing over the centuries.


do not step on this placque as it will rain (so they say)





And some of the Roman ruins





The Electoral PalaceTRIER-18


loved the pattern in the cobblestones


Doorways, alleyways and shops





and stonework


back to our ship for lunch and then some of us are going to a side trip to Luxembourg.