Vermont – post cruise Day 2

Ahh morning in Vermont – Foggy Vermont

OK, not the colorful foliage you were expecting – neither were we.  But the sun came out and we headed off to Quechee Gorge, Vermont. Quechee Dam

Here is the Quechee Dam.  And you can see the reds, oranges and yellows.  And this was just a small sample of what we saw today as we drove north through the small towns on Route 100.  Seeing also a number of covered bridges. This one was recently rebuilt after the floods had destroyed it.VT Covered Bridge

We had some soup in a small cafe Chicken Peanut.  Didn’t soundHeading to New Hampshire for our final full day in New England.  Absolutely beautiful weather and wonderful foliage.


Vermont – post cruise

We arrived in NYC and sailed by the Statue of Liberty.  Though it was a wonderful sight, photography at 5:30 AM on a moving ship is marginal at best, even with cameras that can handle high ISO.  The group split up with those who headed back to CA and Becky and I stayed and drove up through Connecticut and Massachusetts to Vermont, hoping to catch a little bit of fall foliage color.

After driving around NYC – the traffic was much more than I ever remember, and I thought it was difficult way back when I lived in the area.  We drove up the Merritt Parkway and I took a little side step and drove through a small bit of Newington, my home town.  MY MY how things have changed.  I took Becky by my old house and it looks nothing like it used to.  When they say you can never go home again – they were not kidding.  We stopped for lunch with my sister and had a great lunch just over the state line into Massachusetts. Before we left for the second part of our drive to Vermont, my sister took us by an old oak tree which Becky graciously jumped out of the car and took this photo (my camera was not with us – of course). what a wonderful tree!

Granby Oak

Then driving up through Massachusetts we spied some color in the leaves – MA Color

The color is not as strong so far in Vermont, but we stopped at the Vermont Welcome Center off I-91 –

Becky in Vermont Vermont Welcome Center

We got to our hotel and asked about some place to eat.  (I do not normally do this – but this place is SPECIAL!)  So bear with me while I rave.

Tip Top Cafe  at 85 N Main St, White River Jct, VT. (802) 295-3312  WOW!! I heard cafe and surely did not expect what we found.  This little restaurant in the corner of a building on RT 5, had a modern, friendly, open feel.  We were welcomed by our waiter John, who directed us to a table near the front of the restaurant.  The service was top notch, and both John and Gary provided us with detailed information about each of the dishes on which we inquired.  There were a couple of specials and again the detail regarding the dishes was provided in a friendly and highly informative manner, helping us to make our selections.  The salad was large enough that we split it.  John brought us bread hot out of the oven with a dipping sauce that made us drool.  If the entree was as good as the salad and bread, we knew we had a real find here.  I got the Red Snapper Special which was cooked perfectly and had lightly fried spaghetti squash placed over the top, with some vegetables underneath.  Oh MY, it was good.  Becky got the Cod, which was served on bed of very thin almost spaghetti shaped potatoes over a buttery garlic sauce. The food was exquisite. On a scale of 1-10 – this place is a 15.

Tip Top Cafe_The Pan Seared Cod.

Tip Top Cafe_-2The Red Snapper.

So if you are ever in White River Jct, VT – check this place out.

Thank you John and Gary, we had a wonderful meal and a great experience.

I am betting that the rest of our group who left us to go back home – when they read this will be wishing they were still with us.