Miltenberg, Germany – post 11

Miltenberg is the Pearl of the Main (pronounced mine) as the locals refer to it.  It is a small town nested on a narrow strip of land among the hills of Odenwald and the Spessart.  The Romans conquered the area and were present between 150 AD and 260 AD.  There are the ruins of 2 castles found so far.   But before going into town, we had some entertainment on board with Tomy Temerson playing the Zither..

MILTENBERG-5  and we have had a few locks to go through to get here – MILTENBERG-6  yes we are that close to the wall.


and some river views – MILTENBERG-4 MILTENBERG-8 MILTENBERG-10  MILTENBERG-3   and some locals came to see us.MILTENBERG-1  and some entertainment at lunch – with our server Angel – MILTENBERG-7
and off to town after lunch – with our guide – Jef, for some of us, the rest took a hiking tour.  MILTENBERG-9  MILTENBERG-13 MILTENBERG-14 MILTENBERG-15 MILTENBERG-11 Hiking tour went up here to the Castle.
MILTENBERG-12  MILTENBERG-17 MILTENBERG-18 MILTENBERG-19 MILTENBERG-20 MILTENBERG-21 MILTENBERG-22 MILTENBERG-23 MILTENBERG-24 MILTENBERG-25 MILTENBERG-26 MILTENBERG-16  MILTENBERG-38 MILTENBERG-39 MILTENBERG-40 MILTENBERG-41 MILTENBERG-42 MILTENBERG-43 MILTENBERG-44 MILTENBERG-45  bear’s new love was out traveling with us.MILTENBERG-46 MILTENBERG-47  this was a cellar for schnapps and wine which into the hill kept it a constant 7 degrees c. MILTENBERG-29 MILTENBERG-33  MILTENBERG-50   you know Becky had to have a photo with him.  He had lived in San Diego.MILTENBERG-49
And for our friends who hiked in the rain – yes it rained on us off and on..MILTENBERG-27  MILTENBERG-34 MILTENBERG-28 MILTENBERG-30 MILTENBERG-31 MILTENBERG-32  MILTENBERG-37 MILTENBERG-35 MILTENBERG-36  There were so many quaint streets, doorways and curtains. This post could go on forever. ok the curtains, but then I must move on….MILTENBERG-52  cute huh?

and then we sail on to Wurzburg.
But there are still sights on the river – MILTENBERG-48  or just relaxing after a long walk  BERNKASTEL-60
We all feel this cruise should go on longer, as we are not wanting it to end.