Wurzburg, Germany – post 12

First I must begin with a rainbow that we saw as we were dining yesterday.WURZBURG-1  and a castle ruin that we passed around 6 am WURZBURG-2 and some river otters swam along the edge – and of course I wasn’t quick enough to catch the photo as it dove in from the bank.WURZBURG-3  workers in the vineyards – WURZBURG-4
some art work under the bridges WURZBURG-6 WURZBURG-7  and we sail into town   WURZBURG-5  WURZBURG-8  WURZBURG-9  and palaces on the hill WURZBURG-13 WURZBURG-12  WURZBURG-11 WURZBURG-10
we then took a bus ride to Wurzburg Residenz, one of Germany’s largest and most ornate baroque palaces.  Unfortunately, it was bombed during WWII, but though a number of the roof sections were destroyed and burned, the large ceiling was in tact and the fresco remains.  A number of the other rooms have been restored.  Unfortunately for me, you are not allowed to take any photographs inside, so all I can show here are some outside images of the building and the wonderful gardens.
WURZBURG-18 WURZBURG-14 WURZBURG-15 WURZBURG-16 WURZBURG-17  WURZBURG-19 WURZBURG-20 WURZBURG-21 WURZBURG-26  WURZBURG-22  and the gate as we enter the gardens..WURZBURG-27  views from the side and back gardens..WURZBURG-28 WURZBURG-30 WURZBURG-31 WURZBURG-32 WURZBURG-35  along side the trunks of these trees are these lovely statues..WURZBURG-29 WURZBURG-24WURZBURG-50 WURZBURG-25   and the back gardensWURZBURG-38 WURZBURG-39 WURZBURG-40 WURZBURG-41 WURZBURG-42 WURZBURG-33  WURZBURG-49 WURZBURG-43 WURZBURG-44 WURZBURG-45 WURZBURG-46 WURZBURG-47 WURZBURG-48  and a couple of items from the roof – WURZBURG-37 WURZBURG-34
And then a walk into town WURZBURG-51 WURZBURG-52 WURZBURG-57 and a walk to the cathedral WURZBURG-55 WURZBURG-56 WURZBURG-58 WURZBURG-59 WURZBURG-53 WURZBURG-54
inside the cathedral
WURZBURG-62  WURZBURG-61 and two side alters WURZBURG-63 WURZBURG-64 WURZBURG-65 outside the door to the cathedral looking towards the street to the river – WURZBURG-66 a cycling group makes their way passed us.  And a short distance around the corner – another church. WURZBURG-67 and another WURZBURG-69  and I will stop there as I thought our guide said there were 40 churches (but I could be wrong).
But a street over, they were having a wine festival until June 5.  WURZBURG-68 and a nice walk back to the ship – WURZBURG-72 WURZBURG-70 WURZBURG-71
To celebrate our trip – we had our own wine party. Lloyd and all the ladies.WURZBURG-73
To end today’s post, here are a couple of the wonderful dining staff – Angel and Jose took good care of us this trip and kept us laughing.WURZBURG-75 WURZBURG-74  And last but surely not least – Mary Ann, the Head Chef.  She is the reason we all gained weight. Such good food.
WURZBURG-76  Just Bamberg, Germany and then we will be leaving the ship.  It is so peaceful sailing the river – with birds chirping and the sounds of the water softly lapping on the shore.I don’t want to go….