Day 13 – Hobart

After sailing for three days, up the east coast of New Zealand’s south island to Cook’s Strait, we sailed the Tasman Sea to Tasmania. It was an overcast and windy sail.

There were large cliffs on the islands that are part of Tasmania, as we sailed to Hobart.  Here is the lighthouse on one of those cliffs.

Tasmania Light House

We arrived about 11 in Hobart.  Hobart is the international  Gateway to Antarctica.  There were sailing vessels and fishing vessels in port.  Here is the Westward Bound, that sails a 7 day cruise to the western side of Tasmania.

Hobart Old Sailing Ship

This is the traps that they use to catch the crawfish.  This crawfish is more like what we call lobster.  There are no large claws but they have a large body and tail.

Hobart Crawfish traps

There were statues on the port for the explorers to Antarctica.

Hobart Harbour Hobart Harbour-2 I walked around Hobart, there are a number of old storage buildings that have been converted to shops and cafes.

I found a statue to Tasman who planted the Dutch flag in 1642 Hobart StatuteI walked around the shops and then up the hill via Kelly’s Steps to Battery Point.  There were a number of older homes with the small gardens in the front.Hobart Flowers

Carol took a tour that provided a view of the city, and the Royal Botanical Gardens. Tasman Bridge Tasmania Hobart Botanical Garden

My tour did not start until 6:30 pm and went to a Wild Life Rescue center – Bonorong.  Here a young man started a place for injured or orphaned animals. It was a night tour, as a number of the animals are nocturnal.  Unfortunately, without a tripod and flash, I was limited in the photos I could take.  I was able to see and touch  a wombat, kangaroo, and a few other animals.

Hobart Kangaroo-2 Hobart kolala-4 Hobart animal Hobart animal-2


Here are two Kangaroos play fighting –Hobart kangaroo-3

There is a tour that goes here during the day, but you will not be able to see a number of the animals since they are asleep in their dens or burrows. I was so glad I selected the evening tour.   It was wonderful to see  a young man so invested in saving the wildlife of Australia.  Here is the owner of Bonorong showing us a couple of his animals.

Hobart wambat Hobart kolala-3

We now have a day of sailing to get to Melbourne.