Day 8 – Akaroa

We left Wellington in the fog and arrived in the fog to Akaroa.  Akaroa shows its French heritage in their signs and restaurants.  It is a harbor village that was originally the caldera of a volcano.  ARAKOA mapIt is in the center of the raised ring on the map above.  We had to tender into port.  All of this was done through thick fog.  We zig-zagged our way – two tenders at a time into port.  So they day got off to a slow start, and we just kept fingers crossed that today the fog would burn off unlike Wellington.

I had a scenic tour that drove around a part of the caldera and brought us up the mountain.  From there you could see down on the fog , but as you can see we did get out of the fog – for a little while anyway.

ARAKOA fog Akaroa fog 21 - In the Clouds

I went to visit a Cheese factory – Barry’s Bay Cheese. We saw the process and got to taste a few of their cheeses. They were very good and they also make wine.

From there we drove up further and we to the Maori Museum.  We were able to get photos of the canoes and we were allowed to go into the meeting house.

ARAKOA Maori Meeting house

They also had some buildings representing the homes from the 1800s – Here is what the kitchen would have looked like –

ARAKOA maori old kitchen

When we were getting ready to leave, a farmer was driving his sheep down the street, right in front of us.

ARAKOA sheep herding

After the sheep passed by, we continued on to the Giant’s House and gardens.  This very unique garden is for art lovers and garden lovers.  The lady is restoring the house and she has terraced the yard up the hill.  When she started digging, she found porcelain broken in the soil and she turned it into art and this garden.

ARAKOA giants garden-3 ARAKOA giants garden

ARAKOA giants garden house number-2 ARAKOA giants garden-2

And I loved the house numbers – ARAKOA giants garden house number

Carol took a tour to give her the overview of Akaroa.  Her bus took her up the mountain and she saw the wispy clouds.  ARAKOA clouds

And she was taken by the lighthouse – ARAKOA lighthouse

This is our next to last stop in New Zealand, so I made sure that I had a chance to get their fish and chips.  I had heard they were very good and I wanted a chance to taste them.  Well, other than they are expensive here, they were very very good.

As we left Akaroa, we could still see the wall of fog waiting just outside the harbour for us. On our way to Dunedin which I just found out that I will be able to take the tour to hopefully see the yellow-eyed penguins.  Keep your fingers crossed in that I get to actually see these little guys.  So my slow day just picked up the pace.