A little catching up to do – post 5

I had mentioned that there were 8 of us on this trip, and I was not able to get the memory cards from everyone in time for posts.  So before we get too far down the river here are some images from other members of the party from NYC, Paris, and our arrival in Luxembourg heading to the ship along with a couple from the ship itself.

I thought I had better get this done, as we already have two towns we have visited that need their own posts, but bear with me as we catch up first.

First some NYC shots,

MISSED-1 St Patrick’s Cathedral.

MISSED-3 Dog walking in central park.

MISSED-4 and Times Square.

Then on to Paris, MISSED-10
Eiffel Tower all lit up from close to the base.

The Louis Vitton Store MISSED b-1– and the Tiffany Store with our shoppers…MISSED-5
cDonalds… really?MISSED-21
And Disney Store …MISSED-18


One of our group made it out to Versailles.


And not everything is a cultural experience..

MISSED-8 sometimes it is just a cubs uniform in Paris….

But then there is art
or beautiful churches

MISSED-20or statutes or fountains
or carousels near the eiffel tower which don’t just have horses for the kids to ride. MISSED-12

And now on to the ship via high speed train….MISSED-22
With Becky trying to get on the good side of the conductor…MISSED-23

Now in Luxembourg, the roads are a bit different than back in the US –


And Signs – well

A couple of shots from our ship –

Hopefully, I will have some time to get the two towns we did today updated tomorrow, but sleep is calling to me.  later.







Paris – busy days – post 3

Arriving in Paris, we were excited as the last time we visited we were delayed and did not get the days we had planned due to protests which prevented our plane from arriving on schedule.  We were finally here and with only 2 nights we were determined to see as much as we could.  Of course, each of us have different likes / tastes, so the group headed off on their own adventures.  I haven’t caught up with everyone to get copies of their images yet, so I am only giving you a glimpse of my adventure.  I will add more of their images as we catch up once we get on the boat.

Ahh Paris!
Where love is in the air.

And some nice gentlemen as well…

paris-40     paris-39

On our approach to Paris from the airport we spotted this building.  The screen was a moving show – but it was also transparent – quite interesting.


And we were serenaded

Once we arrived and got into our hotel, it was off for lunch and some site seeing.  We walked to the Arc de Triomphe (close but not very close – it was a nice walk.) But first we were temped with chocolate bags –
and fresh seafood –

paris-11 and yes that is the Eiffel Tower off in the distance.

Our first view of the traffic going around the circle of the Arc – paris-12 surely there is some rules, but it was not apparent.  Later a tour guide explained – you must be aggressive.  I have since learned that accidents in the circle – both drivers are determined to be equally at fault.  Mostly scratches on cars and not dents.  Though I saw some scooters that were going to be road kill soon if they continued to cut off buses like they did.  Not for the faint of heart.
Of course, neither is walking across streets in Paris.  There are not always crossing lights.  But again, you must be aggressive and the drivers are “supposed” to stop.  I wasn’t going to try that one out.
Then some dinner – mussels for some of the group – yum.



A few more night shots (believe me there are alot more that I haven’t included)  and then back to the hotel.
On the steps of the Petit Palais a bride and groom being photographed.

I even saw a bride and groom being photographed.



I could not believe how far we walked – over 9 miles according to the Garmin Vivofit I was wearing.
Next day we had a guided tour in the morning.  It was a bus ride around the city with two stops for us to take some pictures.
The Luxembourg Palace.
Afterwards, the group went our separate ways to see what interested us.  A couple of us  selected the Hop on Hop Off bus, to save our feet a bit – as a couple of the places were a bit of a distance.  But before that, we headed over to the Eiffel Tower and to Rue Cler for some lunch.
paris-23 on Rue Cler there are a number of shops for buying fresh produce, cheese, meats, flowers, etc.



Also some cafes.
And be temped by sweets –
On the bus, we got off near the Paris Opera House – paris-38

The Louvre, which had a film on the front portion – with a painting of the building behind it.  Ruined it for me. paris-29 but as you can see there were still a lot of people there.
Notre Dame – paris-30


With everything that happens, I was pleased that my timing worked out to catch the Ceremony for the unknown soldier at the Arc de Triomphe.  It happens each day at 6:30 and veterans and children come march a short distance Avenue des Champs-Élysées towards the traffic circle and to the Arc.


paris-36Traffic is stopped for a short time as they cross. paris-37 Once they cross they lay the new red, white and blue flowers around the tomb and re-ignite the flame in remembrance.
A fitting end for my day as I head back towards the hotel for dinner and to get off my feet (it was another day of over 22,000 steps).

Now a couple of the group decided to go to the show at the Lido, which is an updated cabaret with some new concepts.  paris-42

For tomorrow is another day of travel as we head via high speed train to our boat.

Paris – We Made It – post 2

I just wanted to post that yes we made it to Paris.  It was a long night flight with a change of planes in Frankfurt, Germany. But we are here. A quick grab shot of the airport signage as our bus whisks us on our way.


Lost of traffic getting into Paris..


a walk down to a famous landmark…


followed by the opposite end of the Avenue des Champs-Élysées you find –  the Big wheel on Place de la Concorde.


Just a couple of pics to show we are here. More to follow after a night of sleep.