Sydney, Nova Scotia – Day 5

We arrived in Sydney to a rainy misty day.  We were just going to walk around town.  The rain was just enough to make taking photographs difficult, but we tried.   We started back towards the historical walking tour of Sydney.  It brought us back to a couple of churches, one of which was St. George’s Angelican ChurchSydney St George Angelican Sydney Oldest Church.  This church is the oldest in Sydney.  It was built in 1785.

Carol found the following flower. Sydney flowers

We then changed to the shopping route, because the rain was not letting up.  We came across bear, moose and  beaver in front of one of the stores.  Sydney beaver- bear & moose

Giving up on the walking tours, we headed back to the ship.  There were signs all over the town mentioning the fiddle.  We found the fiddle right on the dock. Mighty big fiddle – here is Carol and the next is Gloria and Lloyd with the fiddle.

Carol with Fiddle Gloria playing with FiddleThe following signpost was on the port next to our ship.  Sydney sign post

We are now sailing to Halifax.  Hoping to find some sunshine.
But before we go – Only Becky can wear a lobster …..Sydney Becky_