Our Avalon Crew, the ship and shots of us – Post 14

How can I have a photo blog of our trip on an Avalon River Cruise and not include some photos of the crew who took care of our rooms, waited on us, managed the ship through the locks and canals and then managed to put on a show for us. Let’s hear it for the Avalon Artistry II crew.
SHIP-34 SHIP-35 SHIP-36 SHIP-37 SHIP-38 SHIP-39 SHIP-40 SHIP-19 SHIP-31 SHIP-32 Angel and JoseSHIP-33  SHIP-69 SHIP-70  our Ship’s captain
SHIP-80  and the other captains and directors.
Adhi our room steward.

 I am only posting a few images from the show but rest assured we laughed til we cried.
SHIP-21 SHIP-22 SHIP-23  of course someone{s} had to get up and dance with the crew.  SHIP-24  SHIP-25 SHIP-26
Getting us down or up the river, through the locks – SHIP-61 SHIP-28 SHIP-42 SHIP-43 SHIP-44 SHIP-45 SHIP-46 SHIP-47 SHIP-48 SHIP-49 SHIP-50 SHIP-52 SHIP-53   and sometimes you just have to slide over and let the other guy go first into the lock.  Here is the AMA ship going passing us going into the lock.
and some other images of the ship – our room
SHIP-78 SHIP-79  SHIP-67 SHIP-77and large bathroom – SHIP-27
and the sky deck – SHIP-51   and front loungeSHIP-68  and the occasional sunset (it was overcast most of the time)  SHIP-41
And we did have our walking tours – SHIP-62 SHIP-63 SHIP-64 SHIP-65 SHIP-66  and of course Roos our tour director.
And  finally we did have a grand time on our last night on the ship – SHIP-29 SHIP-30 SHIP-71  SHIP-20
SHIP-74  (minus Sharann who was taking the photo).
Off the ship and on a bus to our final stop – Prague, Czech Republic.