Day 7 – Wellington

Today we arrived in Wellington, the Capital of New Zealand in the fog.  The city was socked in.  I had a tour of the Storm Coast, which still went on, with our driver trying to explain what we would be seeing if the fog was not there.  He had a great sense of humor, a bit dry, but I loved it.  At one point, he commented that we would not know if he lied to us, with the fog.  He commented on how interesting and eery everything looked in the fog.

As we drove around the harbor, we came to the lighthouse, and there used to be two of them, but only one remains.  I thought it was odd that as we were in the fog, I never saw a light from it.

Wellington - lighthouse in fogI saw goats on the hill.  Years ago, they brought in Angora goats and now they have bred with the white goats and they have some unusual patterns on the wool.  Wellington - goats

The tour continued on to a farm where we were served Breakfast Tea.  The lovely finger foods were delicious.

Wellington - arrangementOne of the decorations in the house – using local plants.

When we were done, we walked a bit around the house,  Wellington - grapevines

The grapevines were in the back of the house, and he had some sheep in the front paddock.  He gave us a demonstration of how sheep herding is done.  He has two dogs, one which brings the sheep to him and the other as a bit of hound in it, so it chases the sheep away. It was quite funny to watch the dog with hound in it scare the dickens out of the sheep.  Now the ram stood and stared at the dog until the dog got close.

Wellington - Sheep dog herding

Wellington - Sheep dog herding-2

Wellington - Sheep dog herding-3And this sheep looked right at me and I almost felt it saying – My Name is not Serta.Wellington - Not Serta_

On our way back we came upon the S.S. PAIAKAWellington - S.S. PAIAKA

As we drove along the beach, we saw a number of these which the people build to create wind blocks or protection.

Wellington - beach shelterThey cover the driftwood with plastic or blankets or anything to help block the wind.

This is one of the houses on the way.

Wellington - house

There is a curve and apparently there are little penguins that cross the road to the hillside, where they burrow into the hill to sleep at night and then they cross the road to get back into the sea where they fish all day.  They are no taller than 12 inches.  Unfortunately they would have all been out to see, so I did not get to see this blue burrowing penguin. But you must drive slow there as I imagine they would be hard to see at dusk or dawn.

Wellington - penguin signThe fog started to burn off, too late for me to be able to photograph the sights, but here it is over the city

Wellington - the fogCarol took a tour of the city highlights.  Hers did not start until 1 so it had cleared somewhat by then.  Here is the building that we went through when we got off the ship – Wellington - bldg in port

And the overlook of the city – Wellington - town

And of course, flowers and fountains – Wellington - fountain Wellington - rose