Edinburgh, Scotland – Day 14

Today is our last full day in Edinburgh, and for some it is their last day of the trip.  Barbara and I are staying on to go for the Highlands of Scotland.
But for today, we did the Royal Scotland tour which consisted of a trip out to the HMY Britannia, the Royal Yacht.  It was christened by the Queen in 1953.

And of course, for me (ha ha), they had the find the corgi’s, so you know I had to.

And on to the bridge, which is usually not set up so high on the ship, for defensive measures.  and from the bridge looking down onto the bow.

And docked along side is the racing Yacht Bloodhound.  The classic 1930s ocean-racing yacht Bloodhound, owned by Her Majesty The Queen and Prince Philip in the 1960s and aboard which Prince Charles and Princess Anne learned to sail. She is usually on display alongside Britannia in Edinburgh as part of the Royal Sailing Exhibition.

one of the lifeboats.

The signal flag closet.

The breakfast area for the Queen (and corgi on cabinet).
This royal yacht also has place to store the Queen’s car. (and corgi in back window of course)

The ships bell and the Royal ER showing Queen Elizabeth and the date of the ship’s commission.

The Queen’s bedroom complete with corgi.

Prince Albert’s room (also with corgi).
The only double bed on the yacht, which was used by Prince Charles and Princess Diana. (they don’t get a stuffed corgi) 
A sitting room where Prince Albert used to paint (another Corgi). 
And now to another deck.

The officer’s area where they could unwind a bit. Notice the wombat in the fan and the monkey hanging off the silver ship in the case.  Oh yeah and the corgi.

Now it was the food preparing and serving areas.

and lots and lots of china, crystal and silver.

State functions are a big deal after all.

The communication desk for the Queen and corgi.

And the “living room” for the royal family complete with a piano that was bolted to the floor for obvious reasons.
This was Prince Albert’s communication room with corgi.

And Here’s Marta dressing with a Royal Seaman’s cap.

and for the crew some place to unwind,

or sleep (bunk comes with a corgi).

Here is the outside of the family area on the ship.

and now it was time for us to pose with our Walk for the Cure shirts – Valencia Lakes Women’s Club event coming up in Nov.

And Marta just wanted to be on the arm of this strapping bronze sailor.
Our trip to HMY Britannia was now over and on to visit Holyrood Palace.

The Palace of Holyroodhouse , commonly referred to as Holyrood Palace, is the official residence of the British monarch in Scotland, Queen Elizabeth II. Located at the bottom of the Royal Mile in Edinburgh, at the opposite end to Edinburgh Castle, Holyrood Palace has served as the principal residence of the Kings and Queens of Scots since the 16th century, and is a setting for state occasions and official entertaining.  Queen Elizabeth spends one week in residence at Holyrood Palace at the beginning of each summer, where she carries out a range of official engagements and ceremonies.  This was the official residence of Mary Queen of Scots.
Unfortunately, since this is still a residence, no photography inside the Palace is allowed, so all photos are of outside, the grounds, or the ruins of the Abbey.
 While inside, we did get to see where Mary Queen of Scots bedroom chamber, sitting area, where her secretary was murdered in front of her, some of Mary’s needlework.
 Even Bear managed to get out of my pocket and climbed onto the ruins for a photo op. 

Back to our hotel for some shopping, sleeping, or whatever.  Tonight is Cathy and Marta’s last night as I mentioned before and tonight we will have our Farewell dinner provided by Grand Circle Travel.
Now before we go – since I worked in insurance for xx years.  I thought it was very interesting that our hotel, The Principal, was formerly Caledonian Insurance building.


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