Hawai’i – Oahu Day 5

Day was a day to take a drive with Carol.  We started out by going to the Dole Plantation.


You first walk into the store – where there are all kinds of goodies.


Bear and Bearbette  found themselves a friend.

And I loved the old cannery labels.

day-5-3 day-5-4

We elected not to do the big maze.
In 2008, Dole Plantation’s giant Pineapple Garden Maze was declared the world’s largest maze. The maze stretches over three acres and includes nearly two and one-half miles of paths crafted from 14,000 colorful Hawaiian plants. Walk through the flora of the islands as you seek out eight secret stations that each lead you closer to the mystery at the heart of this larger-than-life labyrinth, one of only a handful of permanent botanical mazes in America.

Bear and Bearbette joined us in riding the pineapple express train ride around the property.




We rode by many plants.

day-5-12 day-5-11 day-5-10

And my favorite – day-5-13

which has the bean – which makes chocolate.

day-5-16 day-5-17

Well let it not be said that I never let my photo be taken.  How do you like my hula body?


Carol did the pineapple –


and I couldn’t pass up this lil’ cutie –


Well and Bear and Bearbette had to get into the act –


They have a garden there, and we decided to walk through this sampling of colorful plants.





day-5-22 day-5-23 day-5-24 day-5-27 day-5-28 day-5-31 day-5-32 day-5-33 day-5-34 day-5-35 day-5-36 day-5-38

And the bark of a very colorful tree – Mindanao Gum .


A fountain with lotus flowers and Carol.day-5-37

A signpost to many places


in an area with pineapple plants so you could touch – watch the sharp edges.


And a rooster acting like I have never seen digging in the dirt and pushing a hen around.


We had lunch at the plantation and it was enough food for two.

We then headed for the beach as Carol had not made it to the north shore in a while. We stopped where the Hawaiian Green Sea turtles had come ashore to bask in the sun and rest.

day-5-40 day-5-39

And the waves were not as high this day – but we did stop at the Bonzai Pipeline so I could say I was there.  Of course there were surfers and a young girl doing cartwheels.









We continued up and around the top of the island coming down to a rock formations called Chinaman’s Hat.


And the turtle (though I think it looks more like an alligator head).


and then to round out our trip – day-5-51

this lovely range behind the Kualoa Ranch.
The valley was sacred to ancient Hawaiians from the 13th to the 18th century, as Chief La’a-mai-kahiki settled there after visiting Kaua’i before returning to Tahiti. It was also the site of the sacred drums of Kapahuʻula and Kaʻahuʻulapunawai as well as the sacred Hill of Kauakahiakahoʻowaha, the key to the sovereignty of the Kingdom of Oahu. As written in the Kumulipo, an ancient Hawaiian genealogical chant, Kualoa is where Papa and Wakea buried their first still born child, Haloa. It is said that the first kalo (taro) plant grew up from where Haloa was buried at Kualoa.
The ranch has been the site of over 50 movies, including Pearl Harbor, King Kong, Jurassic movies, Skull Island, and the tv show Lost.

It was a full day and time to head back to Carol’s cousin’s house.










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