Hawai’i – Oahu Day 4

Today was a special day for me, as I spent the day visiting with my son, who is stationed on Oahu. (since I didn’t ask his permission, you are not seeing his photo in here).  He took me up the north shore where I got some good shots of surfers and waves.





There were some pretty good waves.





Yes he is in there.


We then went to Waimea Falls Park and walked the trails back to the waterfall. We parked on the side with the beach and walked across the road and back into the park. It was about a mile and a half before we got to the entrance.  Got my exercise this day.

There were lots of plants to see.




And there were exhibits of Hawaiian structures.  This is a Hale Aina, which is the designated eating house for women and young boys that had not yet been admitted into the Hale Mua.  Men were known to have done the cooking for the Hale Aina, yet only certain foods could be eaten by women.  Under the Kapu system, there were many rules and regulations on the preparation and eating of food.

Hawaiians embraced the kapu system as a way of maintaining balance with the supernatural, the physical environment, with others and within themselves.  Hawaiians had a keen understanding of the obligations required of both men and women to keep this balance.  The kapu system itself is often called the ‘ai kapu (‘ai means “to eat”).  This shows us the belief that certain foods were observed to have a particular purpose.

Traditional foods eaten by women and children in the Hale ‘Aina included most fish and vegetable foods such as ‘uala (sweet potato), ‘uhi (yam) and Kalo (taro).  Some of the foods that were kapu to women included pua’a (pig), niu (coconut) and Kumu (redfish). However poi (from taro) was the staple food and was enjoyed by the entire ‘ohana (men, women and children).


And finally the falls.  There was a nice pool at the base where you could swim.


Finally, a dramatic tree – the monkey pod.


and when we walked out of the falls park and back to his car, we drove up the coast to more beachs – ending just shy of where the Bonzai Pipeline park.  day-4-18


And I saw this surfer with his own drone filming his rides.

And one last – see how many waves looking down the beach –


Now while I was off visiting, Carol and her cousin took Bear and Bearbette out.



And they had a nice dinner.




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