Hawai’i – Day 1

I arrived in Los Angles, California and met up with Carol.  Then we relaxed a bit before the next mornings’ flight.


First Stop LAX. Going to get to our airline and stopped to take a couple of photos.  The Theme Building, an iconic restaurant at LAX at sunrise.  Though closed now it was dedicated back in 1961.


Sunrise over a parking structure at LAX.  No, I didn’t enhance the colors.


Bear and Bearbette starting the day with some egg whites, spinach and potatoes.  Going to be on the plane for a while, so need to eat right.

day-1-3 day-1-2

Ahh, Bear and Beabette made it to the gate.


After a few hours of flying, arrived at Honolulu Airport and saw Maui, the demigod frpm the movie Moana on the side of a Hawaiian Airlines plane.

day-1-7 day-1-9 day-1-8

Then it was time for some personal business while I took some photos of statues and flowers.


Sorry for the delay in posting – where we were staying, we didn’t have access to the internet.  Now I will be trying to catch up while we are also out taking in the sites on the Big Island.
More to come.


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