Getting Ready for start of 2017 trips

Bear is preparing for our trip.  He is going to have to learn how to pack less.  Bag is full as usual.bear-packing And don’t think Bearbette is being left behind – Heck NO! She is busy packing her bag. She didn’t want her photo taken until she can relax.
First stop will be in California to meet up with Carol.  Maybe they (Bear and Bearbette) can handle long long flights, but I cannot.  So my knees can get a break, an overnight is a must.
Looking forward to going some place warm.  lol Yes, I know you are shaking your head at me, but it is cool here – they even canceled my water aerobics class due to the coolness. So all of you who are dealing with feet of snow, I did my turn shoveling and driving in that. I like warm. So off we go to someplace warm.  It has been years since I was in Hawaii, and with Chris (my son) stationed there (he is in the Navy), now seemed perfect time to go out there. Carol and I will travel around Oahu, I will take a short visit with my newly pinned Navy Chief (Yes, I’m a proud mom), and then off to the Big Island, returning to California to visit with my regular traveling buddies before heading home.  It should be warmer at home by then.



7 thoughts on “Getting Ready for start of 2017 trips

  1. patriciambond

    Sue: Sounds like a great trip. We went to Oahu some time back with my daughter, a retired Army Captain. We didn’t do any other islands. Big Mistake! Oahu didn’t show me much and my daughter turned out to be a pill. We stayed in the military hotel on Waikiki beach and that was nice, fireworks in the evenings sometimes. We did Diamond Head, but it involved a lot of climbing. I was also disappointed by Pearl Harbor, it was very crowded and much smaller than I expected.

    Lots of great scenery on some of the other islands–the grass is always greener……Keep me on your mailing list. Pat and Guy


  2. R

    Looking forward to seeing you at your second Calif stop, we will have a great time just going wherever and playing it by ear! See ya soon!❤️👏


    Hi Sue,

    Enjoy your warm weather trip and CONGRATS to Chris – you must be very proud. Jodi and Chris got married on Pete’s Whale Watch Boat on October 8th out by the Shaols in Rye, NH. Pete drove the boat about 3/4 hours out of the harbor, dropped anchor and with only about 18 very close family members they got married…beautiful wedding! We stayed there for awhile, ate shrimp, cheeses, drank champagne and wine. Then pulled up anchor and went to a nice restaurant for dinner.

    Then about a month later they had a BBQ reception with their other 45 close family members and friends at a nice restaurant near they home. They got married on Saturday the 8th, Ken and I left on the Viking River Cruise for Basal Switzerland on Tuesday, Jodi and Chris, Lindsay and Pete on Friday joined us. Then we were off on the Rhine, amazing History!! On Saturday we got off in Amsterdam and spent 3 more nights there and then headed back to NH. This is was most amazing family trip and the food was so good.

    Very cold here in Wolfeboro, today was 11. Suppose to get about 1-3 inches of snow tonight. It’s cold enough for Ken to go ice fishing but snow-showing for me is very limited. Oh well, only in New England.

    Enjoy your trip and keep me posted!!

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