Getting Ready for start of 2017 trips

Bear is preparing for our trip.  He is going to have to learn how to pack less.  Bag is full as usual.bear-packing And don’t think Bearbette is being left behind – Heck NO! She is busy packing her bag. She didn’t want her photo taken until she can relax.
First stop will be in California to meet up with Carol.  Maybe they (Bear and Bearbette) can handle long long flights, but I cannot.  So my knees can get a break, an overnight is a must.
Looking forward to going some place warm.  lol Yes, I know you are shaking your head at me, but it is cool here – they even canceled my water aerobics class due to the coolness. So all of you who are dealing with feet of snow, I did my turn shoveling and driving in that. I like warm. So off we go to someplace warm.  It has been years since I was in Hawaii, and with Chris (my son) stationed there (he is in the Navy), now seemed perfect time to go out there. Carol and I will travel around Oahu, I will take a short visit with my newly pinned Navy Chief (Yes, I’m a proud mom), and then off to the Big Island, returning to California to visit with my regular traveling buddies before heading home.  It should be warmer at home by then.