Prague, Czech Republic – Post 15

I almost don’t want to post this as it means the trip is done and we are home.  Of course, I am home finishing the last post and and the memories flood back. There is so much to Prague and we were only there for two nights which means we didn’t even scratch the surface to this city.  How to encompass everything we saw and felt with just a few photographs? I know I am leaving out so much, but the blog would never load if I added more. Ensure we had a grand time there between the drizzles. So here we go, our last stop – Prague.

Prague-1 seriously?
Arrived at the hotel and off to lunch while our rooms were finished. Prague-5 Prague-3 Prague-4
then off to see the of the squares..
lots of activity for all to be seen..Prague-11  Prague-19 Prague-20 Prague-9
Signs indicate direction with images even if you don’t know the language.
and of course the astronomical clock which dates back to 1410 is the third oldest astronomical clock and the only one still working.Prague-8    Prague-12 Prague-13 Prague-14 Prague-15  Prague-16  and the hourly walk of the apostles as they pass the window.Prague-17  even the manhole covers are marked.
A wine festival was happening during our visit.
.Prague-31 Prague-30
And some of our group went on various tours including a wine tasting.  A surprise to me was how much was below the buildings.  Restaurants and art galleries could be found after walking down stairs..Prague-23  Prague-28 Prague-24 Prague-26 Prague-27
a magical art gallery.. Prague-47
and lots of cafes Prague-48  and people working their crafts or selling their culinary treats in the street..Prague-35 Prague-36 Prague-32 Prague-33 Prague-34
And interesting posts – Prague-25.
Even Becky and I tried the beer, recording this for proof as we are the two seldom drink.  Prague-18
The iconic Charles Bridge – with all the statues and more…Prague Bridge-7 the towers on either end  Prague Bridge-14 Prague Bridge-18 Prague Bridge-20 Prague Bridge-2  the statues on the bridge  Prague Bridge-16 Prague Bridge-10 Prague Bridge-11 Prague Bridge-12  Prague Bridge-19
And the views from the bridge –Prague Bridge-6
Prague Bridge-21 Prague Bridge-22 Prague Bridge-1 Prague Bridge-3 Prague Bridge-4 Prague Bridge-5
Prague Bridge-17 Prague Bridge-15  and a couple of the artists on the bridge  Prague Bridge-8 Prague Bridge-9 Prague Bridge-13
And I would be remiss if I didn’t include some images from the Cathedral.
Prague Cathedral-1 the view as we walked up the hill.
Prague Cathedral-4 Prague Cathedral-3
the gates with the guards –
Prague Cathedral-5 Prague Cathedral-6 Prague Cathedral-2
and then through an archway to see this..
Prague Cathedral-8
Prague Cathedral-7
Prague Cathedral-12
Prague Cathedral-10 Prague Cathedral-11
Prague Cathedral-13 Prague Cathedral-9
2016-06-09_131127 2016-06-09_131001
and there were tours to castle
Prague-22 with armor on the wall
and a folk tour with a unique way of serving wine  Prague-40 Prague-41 Prague-39
And Sharann was able to see a white peacock displaying on one of her tours, which is not unique but memorable.  Prague-6
And our time was coming to an end in Prague, but not before we celebrated Becky’s Birthday. Prague-37 Prague-38
As we depart – Prague-42
and our last view of Prague as we prepare to depart – Prague-43  for the long flight — Prague-45  and a quick view outside of Zurich Prague-44  to our first site of New York Empire State Building in the clouds. Prague-46  Back in the USA.


The travelers who provided photos for this trip – Sue, Edie, Georgia, Gloria, Lloyd, Diane, Sharann, and Becky.



8 thoughts on “Prague, Czech Republic – Post 15

  1. Tracee Williams

    Love, Love, Love your pictures and blog. You guys were a blast to travel with on this trip. Thanks again for sharing! Great memories.

  2. Becky

    Thanks Sue for documenting our trip. You did such a fantastic job! My eyes are still feasting on all we saw, thanks to
    Your time and efforts in publishing this blog. Love you dear! R

    1. Becky, You are most welcome – and it helps the people who could not join us follow along, and acts as a reminder of a little of what we saw for us. Love you too. Until our next adventure.

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