Bamberg, Germany – Post 13

Wow, doing catch-up with the final days of the trip. Sorry this has taken a couple of days, it was too hectic to post while changing locations.  Our last stop on the cruise (before we get off) is Bamberg.
But first let’s start with a couple of views before we arrived. Wild Irises, side river channels and other flowering plants along the river.
Bamberg-1 Bamberg-2 Bamberg-3
We started our walk into town..Bamberg-6  Bamberg-4 Bamberg-5 Bamberg-9  Bamberg-10 Bamberg-7 Bamberg-8  looking up to Michaelsberg Abbey Bamberg-13 we walked across a bridge with flowers  Bamberg-11 to get into the main part of town.  Bamberg-15 Bamberg-19 Bamberg-21 Bamberg-12 Bamberg-14  Bamberg-16 Bamberg-17 Bamberg-18 Bamberg-20 Bamberg-22 Bamberg-23 Bamberg-24Bamberg-25 Bamberg-26 Bamberg-27 Bamberg-28 Bamberg-29  The Schlenkerla, one of Bamberg’s breweries and taverns.Bamberg-31 to the Bamberg CathedralBamberg-30 Bamberg-32 Bamberg-33 Bamberg-34 Bamberg-35 Bamberg-36  and the New Residence (Neue Residenz)Bamberg-37 Bamberg-38 Bamberg-39 Bamberg-40 Bamberg-41  and the rose garden  Bamberg-42 Bamberg-44 Bamberg-46 Bamberg-49  view of Michaelsberg AbbeyBamberg-48  and view of the city below..Bamberg-43 Bamberg-45 Bamberg-47  and more views of the city Bamberg-50 Bamberg-51 Bamberg-52 Bamberg-56 Bamberg-61  some of the other passengers enjoying a beer in a cafe.
Water plays a big part of this city and here are some white water kayakers showing their stuff through some gates right in the heart of town – around the Old Town Hall. Bamberg-53 Bamberg-54   Bamberg-58 Bamberg-59 Bamberg-60   Bamberg-64  Bamberg-57  and city hall Bamberg-55
This city has some wonderfully decorated buildings, statues and art work around town.
Bamberg-62 Bamberg-63 Bamberg-65 Bamberg-66
even holders for the shutters were decorated Bamberg-70
and doorsBamberg-71 Bamberg-72 Bamberg-68   Bearbette enjoyed a capuccino while waiting for our walk back. Bamberg-67  and one last reminder of the wonderful buildings of this town.  Bamberg-69


4 thoughts on “Bamberg, Germany – Post 13

  1. Tracee Williams

    Sue, thank you sharing your lovely blog and wonderful photos! I love your “camera” eye, as your photos are so unique and interesting! I am seeing things I don’t even remember from the trip! Thank you again!

    1. Thank you Tracee. The images are from all members of our little group, so I try to include some of everyone’s images – so I will pass that on. I am glad you enjoyed. There are 2 more posts to come – as I haven’t even started on Prague yet with over 2000 images to sort through.

  2. patriciambond

    Sue: Thanks for the trip! I see the water was high there, just like here after the tropical storm. Hope you are home safe and sound, looking forward to your program on Thurs. Pat and Guy

    1. I am home. Still have 2 more posts for the trip. Got out of Paris just before the train strike and the floods and sailed through Germany just ahead of the flooding. Arrived home to circle TPA as the squall line came through. I am getting the feeling its me.
      Looking forward to Thursday evening. Thanks

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