Wurzburg, Germany – post 12

First I must begin with a rainbow that we saw as we were dining yesterday.WURZBURG-1  and a castle ruin that we passed around 6 am WURZBURG-2 and some river otters swam along the edge – and of course I wasn’t quick enough to catch the photo as it dove in from the bank.WURZBURG-3  workers in the vineyards – WURZBURG-4
some art work under the bridges WURZBURG-6 WURZBURG-7  and we sail into town   WURZBURG-5  WURZBURG-8  WURZBURG-9  and palaces on the hill WURZBURG-13 WURZBURG-12  WURZBURG-11 WURZBURG-10
we then took a bus ride to Wurzburg Residenz, one of Germany’s largest and most ornate baroque palaces.  Unfortunately, it was bombed during WWII, but though a number of the roof sections were destroyed and burned, the large ceiling was in tact and the fresco remains.  A number of the other rooms have been restored.  Unfortunately for me, you are not allowed to take any photographs inside, so all I can show here are some outside images of the building and the wonderful gardens.
WURZBURG-18 WURZBURG-14 WURZBURG-15 WURZBURG-16 WURZBURG-17  WURZBURG-19 WURZBURG-20 WURZBURG-21 WURZBURG-26  WURZBURG-22  and the gate as we enter the gardens..WURZBURG-27  views from the side and back gardens..WURZBURG-28 WURZBURG-30 WURZBURG-31 WURZBURG-32 WURZBURG-35  along side the trunks of these trees are these lovely statues..WURZBURG-29 WURZBURG-24WURZBURG-50 WURZBURG-25   and the back gardensWURZBURG-38 WURZBURG-39 WURZBURG-40 WURZBURG-41 WURZBURG-42 WURZBURG-33  WURZBURG-49 WURZBURG-43 WURZBURG-44 WURZBURG-45 WURZBURG-46 WURZBURG-47 WURZBURG-48  and a couple of items from the roof – WURZBURG-37 WURZBURG-34
And then a walk into town WURZBURG-51 WURZBURG-52 WURZBURG-57 and a walk to the cathedral WURZBURG-55 WURZBURG-56 WURZBURG-58 WURZBURG-59 WURZBURG-53 WURZBURG-54
inside the cathedral
WURZBURG-62  WURZBURG-61 and two side alters WURZBURG-63 WURZBURG-64 WURZBURG-65 outside the door to the cathedral looking towards the street to the river – WURZBURG-66 a cycling group makes their way passed us.  And a short distance around the corner – another church. WURZBURG-67 and another WURZBURG-69  and I will stop there as I thought our guide said there were 40 churches (but I could be wrong).
But a street over, they were having a wine festival until June 5.  WURZBURG-68 and a nice walk back to the ship – WURZBURG-72 WURZBURG-70 WURZBURG-71
To celebrate our trip – we had our own wine party. Lloyd and all the ladies.WURZBURG-73
To end today’s post, here are a couple of the wonderful dining staff – Angel and Jose took good care of us this trip and kept us laughing.WURZBURG-75 WURZBURG-74  And last but surely not least – Mary Ann, the Head Chef.  She is the reason we all gained weight. Such good food.
WURZBURG-76  Just Bamberg, Germany and then we will be leaving the ship.  It is so peaceful sailing the river – with birds chirping and the sounds of the water softly lapping on the shore.I don’t want to go….



6 thoughts on “Wurzburg, Germany – post 12

    1. Thanks. With everyone with a camera, the hardest part is getting everyone’s card so I can pull them together to pick shots. For the most part we have had good weather. It did rain on us a bit at one stop, but fortunately for us the rain has been mostly at night. It was pouring this morning but we have not yet arrived in Bamberg, so fingers are crossed. Lots of good fun, good food, and good people.

  1. eweall@aol.com

    LOVE our photos!! So glad that you are having a wonderful time. Can’t wait until October when we’re on the Viking River Cruise up the Rhine River.

    Enjoy your adventure…Diane

    1. Thanks. With 6 people taking photos, I am trying to get a sampling from each of what we saw. I bet you can’t wait, as I know how I felt waiting for the timing of our trip to arrive.
      Thanks – not sure how much more I can post, until I get home – we only have 1 more stop then next stop we get off in the morning and take the bus ride to Czech Republic for our last stop – Prague.

  2. Teri Brick

    LOVE following your trip and hope you all love river cruising as much as I do. Brings back wonderful memories as I have been where you all are!! Say HI to my friend Becky : )


    Teri Brick
    Via Verde Travel (A Division of Plaza Travel)
    New Address:
    14221 Legato Court
    Eastvale, Ca 92880
    909-606-2628 (office)
    909-230-3043 (Cell)

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