Rudesheim, Germany – post 10

After the wonderful, though cool sail past the castles we arrived at Rudesheim.

And no sooner had we docked than another ship docked to our ship. And they get real real close.  Hello neighbor.

We boarded a “train” to town. RUDESHEIM-5 RUDESHEIM-6 RUDESHEIM-7

We started with a tour of Siegfried’s Mechanical Musical Instrument Museum. There were all kinds of calliopes and music boxes dating back to the 18th century.  RUDESHEIM-8
RUDESHEIM-10  RUDESHEIM-9  RUDESHEIM-57RUDESHEIM-11  RUDESHEIM-12  RUDESHEIM-13  RUDESHEIM-15  RUDESHEIM-16  a few of these were played for us, and they use the paper rolls for the music.  RUDESHEIM-38
RUDESHEIM-17  RUDESHEIM-18  RUDESHEIM-19  RUDESHEIM-14  RUDESHEIM-20  RUDESHEIM-21  RUDESHEIM-22  RUDESHEIM-23  RUDESHEIM-24  RUDESHEIM-25  RUDESHEIM-27 RUDESHEIM-28 RUDESHEIM-29 RUDESHEIM-30 RUDESHEIM-31 RUDESHEIM-26  RUDESHEIM-33 RUDESHEIM-34 RUDESHEIM-35 RUDESHEIM-36 RUDESHEIM-37 RUDESHEIM-32 RUDESHEIM-55 RUDESHEIM-56RUDESHEIM-46 RUDESHEIM-39 RUDESHEIM-41 RUDESHEIM-42 RUDESHEIM-44  yes and even violins.RUDESHEIM-45   and there were ancient fresco paintings on the ceilings and some walls.RUDESHEIM-40 RUDESHEIM-43 RUDESHEIM-50 RUDESHEIM-52 RUDESHEIM-53 some of the machines had figures that played instruments.  RUDESHEIM-48 RUDESHEIM-47   RUDESHEIM-49   the top opened up to reveal violins that tilted to play while the piano played below.

RUDESHEIM-54  and this little bird sang and moved. It is small as he is holding this in one hand.
Some of the group went to sample their special coffee and brandy, chocolate, and whipped cream. RUDESHEIM-59  RUDESHEIM-58  RUDESHEIM-60  RUDESHEIM-61  and it was not decaf.
But of course there were other things like apple streusel and baumstriezel. RUDESHEIM-66 now I didn’t take a photo of the streusel as the ice cream was melting.  So we took a photo of the white violin in the case with brandy snifter next to us.  RUDESHEIM-62 RUDESHEIM-63 and some strawberry drink.
And for those that did not head back to the ship but took a gondola ride to the top…RUDESHEIM-65 RUDESHEIM-67 RUDESHEIM-68 RUDESHEIM-69 RUDESHEIM-64
and now I am only behind with today’s photos from Miltenberg as we are already sailing for the stop after that.
Just a warning, we are nearing the end of the cruise and with transfers to hotels, some of the posts will have to wait until I get back home as I am having a time trying to get through everyone’s photos from the group, which means I am posting more than usual.  But hope you are enjoying them.


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