NYC -Day 1

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We all arrived in New York at JFK. Of course, we had to arrive at different terminals.  Hugs all around and off we trod to the limo to take us to our hotel.  A quick stop and then off to lunch at Sarge’s Deli.




For some huge sandwiches.

nyc-16  (no, she’s not sharing either!)

It wasn’t long before we were at each other’s throats –   nyc-7  only joking……

Our trek continued with a walk to the subway taking us to Grand Central Station.


then on to One World Trade Center.





Two brave souls ventured to the top –


And in the museum, they have a couple of the girders  and Becky saw the reflection of the Trade Center in the window.


And the entrance to the World Trade Center – nyc-13

On our walk back, we passed the Chrylser Building, Radio City Music Hall, and Rockefeller Center.




Tomorrow is our big travel day as we fly over to Paris.  No post as I will be attempting to sleep on this crossing (NOT).






6 thoughts on “NYC -Day 1


    Hi Sue,

    It looks like from your photos that you are doing a Viking River Cruise. Ken and I, Lindsay and Pete, Jodi and Chris (who are now engaged to be married in November) are doing the Rhine Cruise in Mid-October. Keep me posted as to what you do and hope to see you soon.


    1. Hi Diane, We are doing the Avalon cruise. They probably stop the same places so watch the blog. I will check with you on your trip. I am not sure of the dates if I head north this year, but I will probably miss you as we travel different directions. Congrats on the up coming wedding. Enjoy your trip.

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