A River Cruise


A new adventure is about to begin.  Never having been on a river cruise, nor to Germany or Czech Republic, I am looking forward to seeing new places and meeting new people. Not to mention maybe actually getting to see a little of Paris this time.  There are a couple of new people joining our entourage making us a total of eight on this trip.  A very diverse group of interests within our group will bring new and interesting views of our trip.  As usual, I will photograph from my viewpoint, but the images from other members of our group will join mine in this post.
Our group of travelers will join up in New York City before heading “across the pond” to start our adventure.  sample nyc

On past trips – I was asked for the itinerary – so here is a quick map of our trip abroad.

avalon central european

Keep your eye out for our updates on our travels.



6 thoughts on “A River Cruise

  1. I am having early happy hour with my friend Michelle with one L. I will go home and finish the real packing. And thank you for this amazing email I will see you in the morning.

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  2. Teri Brick

    Have a great trip Sue and hope you love river cruising as much as I do!!! Travel safely!!

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