Last Day – Sydney

What a trip!  We have spent two days in Sydney and unfortunately Sydney as decided to rain on us both days. We start out with great weather and then the showers start.  We have been trying to get as much in as we can before the showers start.  Yesterday, we spent time over by the Opera House.  We walked around it and went in to see but the tours use stairs so we did not take it.  And there were no open seats for the show “Winter’s Tale” and they are closed on Monday.  You can see the front coming in over the opera house.Sydney - Carol and Opera House

Sydney - Carol and Opera House & QEThe Queen Elizabeth was in port at the Rocks.

We also took photos of the Sydney Bridge – note the people on top – you can walk up the bridge (well you can pay to do it).

Sydney - Opera House and Bridge Sydney - Bridge


Last night we went to dinner with Tracy, who is dating Paul who is somehow related to Carol.  She was nice enough to drive into the city and take us to have Thai Dim Sum.  It was very good and she was a great hostess.  She then took me out for some after dark photos of the Sydney Bridge.  I have not edited them yet. Sorry.

We had breakfast down at Circular Quay.  There are a number of little cafes.  We selected one and we were serenaded –

Sydney - breakfast serenadeWe took the hop on and off bus today.  We rode it for the full route.  It is a double-decker and I sat on top, and got rained on, while Carol sat inside.  There is a second loop that goes to Bondi Beach, but with the weather, we did not bother to head over there.

Stop 3 of the ride was the Queen Victoria Station – loads of shops – high-end and cafes. Sydney - Queen Victoria Station-3Sydney - Queen Victoria Station-2 Sydney - Queen Victoria Station

Then I walked over to St Mary’s Cathedral. Unfortunately, they do not allow photographs inside the cathedral.  It was absolutely gorgeous.  Sydney - St Mary Cathedral-2


On my walk back to our hotel, I found the wild boar statue outside the Sydney Hospital.  They say if you drop coins and then rub the nose of the boar, you will have good luck – well see how shiny the nose of this boar is – it has gotten a lot of rubbing.

Sydney Hospital Wild Boor

Further down the street, on the side of the library, I found this little bronze of a cat, with no plaque to tell me what it was for.  SydneyLibrary - cat statue


There was a rhino statue outside the Customs House, which was an art project.Sydney - Rhino

Raining again so we retired to our room.  I had walked quite a bit of the area and Carol had walked around the circular quay so we were pleased with what we were able to see.  And with this as the view from our room – Sydney - view from room and with our end of day view –  Sydney - Opera House_We are sorry to see it end.  We have only seen a very small bit of both New Zealand and Australia, but it is time for us to start that long long flight home.  Tomorrow we will depart Sydney and land in Los Angeles before we have left Sydney.  (Think on it)

Thank you for following our adventure down under.


Day 17 – Sydney

We arrived in Sydney in the early morning hours, sailing under the Sydney bridge and by the Opera house.  Unfortunately, it was similar to sailing in NYC and too dark to really get a photograph. We are having our last breakfast on the ship before disembarking. We will post more after we get into the city.

Day 15 – Melbourne

We arrived in Melbourne just as the sun was starting to rise.  Unfortunately it was off to the east of the city as we sailed towards port. Melbourne SkylineMelbourne welcome

We only had a tour that was booked by our travel agent – Teri  Brick of Via Verde Travel in Chino, CA, which was a panoramic view of Melbourne bus tour, with stops at the Eureka Sky Tower and Melbourne Royal Botanical Gardens/Memorial Shrine.   A big Thank you to Teri for scheduling this.

This tour took us around Melbourne showing us the downtown area with the high rise buildings.  We went up the Eureka Sky Tower building to the 88th floor to see the view of the city.

Melbourne Eureka Carol
Melbourne city-2 Melbourne city

There was a post box or mail box (as we call it) at the 88th floor – Melbourne sky high mail box

There were two gold bee’s on the side of the Eureka Building.  I did not get to find out what meaning they had.

Melbourne Eureka

Then we drove around to see the edges of the city with the old houses that used the iron from the old sailing ships to create the lattice cornices.  These buildings were from the early 1800’s.

Melbourne old house

We drove by the Ron Laver Arena where the tennis matches are held, as well as other sporting events.  Melbourne tennis arenaWe also went by the Olympic Park where the stadiums that housed the Olympics a few years back were still in use.  The Olympic rings were still on the sign on the road.Melbourne olympic rings

Our last stop was at the Memorial Shrine that was built to honor and remember those in WWI, and it has since added more to honor those in the other wars since.  Melbourne memorial shrineInside there was 4000 Medals that were given to the participants in the wars.  It was very impressive.  This is just a small sample of those medals.

Melbourne memorial medals

It was right across the street from the Botanical Gardens.  There was art work –Melbourne Royal Botanical Garden art

And a children’s garden next to the observatory –Melbourne Royal Botanical Garden

And Carol went further into the gardens that I did and she found some flowers. Melbourne flower Melbourne flower-2 I spent more time in the war memorial so when I entered the gardens, unfortunately, I only saw the lawns section and did not get back far enough to see the flowers which were more on the other side of the gardens.  Being that this is the end of summer in Australia, more of the plants have finished with flowering, and now are preparing themselves for fall and winter.

And the Eureka Tower from another angle – Melbourne skyline-2

Melbourne has trolleys that run around the city so you can travel around on them getting on and off to see more of the city.  Unfortunately, Carol’s and my knees had had enough at this point and we figured we would save our knees for walking around Sydney.  So much to see, so little time and sore knees.

We are now on our last sailing day towards Sydney.  It is our last day on the ship so Carol is busy packing and I will finish packing after I post this.

We will arrive early in the morning sailing under the Sydney bridge and by the Opera House.  I do not know if Carol and I will be awake enough to take photos or even if there will be enough light before 6 AM to even try.  If not, we are staying in Sydney so we will get photos of the Opera House at some point before our vacation ends.