Update on Cruise

This is a short post to let you know there has been a weather development that is impacting our cruise.  There is a storm over Australia and is headed this way.  We were supposed to sail in Fiordland National Park/Milford Sound, but the timing of that would mean we would be sailing into the storm which has been reported to have 20 foot swells and high winds. So we are skipping that portion of our trip and taking a slower path over to Hobart, Tasmania.
For all our friends, you know how disappointed the announcement has made me as the main reason for selecting this cruise/cruiseline, was that this was the only one that actually sails into this. We have missed seeing the southern alps and the wildlife that are present in the park.  But safety is priority one.  Stiff upper lip and all that.  (I’m still pouting).(I’d better be careful, New Zealand is known for their birds and I am sporting one heck of a bird perch right now. )
I have not downloaded today’s photos from Dunedin, so that will be posted tomorrow as we now have 3 days at sea – open sea with no land to see.


2 thoughts on “Update on Cruise

  1. Teri

    Oh my gosh Sue!!!!!! I am SO SO sad you missed what I know in planning this trip, the MAIN reason for this ship/sailing. Mother Nature sures has played a ton of tricks on everyone this year!!!! Safety will always be priority but disappointment for sure!!!

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