Day 4 – Tauranga

Before we jump into today’s port, I want to post a good-bye to Auckland . Auckland goodbye it was a lovely city.

Our port stop today is Tauranga.  Carol spent her day walking around town and on the beach.  She found a little waterfall Tauranga waterfall

and a train – Tauranga train and of course – flowers – Tauranga flower

And she had a nice view of an old volcano – Tauranga mountain

Now while she enjoyed her walk, I was off going to Hobbiton to the Shire.  There was a  sheep and beef farm, the Alexanders’ farm that was used during the Lord of the Rings.  Well, it is still a working farm.  For the Lord of the Rings, the Michael Jackson had the hobbit holes built into the rolling hills on the property.  At the end of the trilogy, it was all to be destroyed.  Due to weather issues, only part of it was taken down – it was built out of polystyrene and untreated timber and ply.  Forty four hobbit holes were built.  When they were rebuilt for the Hobbit Trilogy, these building were built out of more permanent materials.  The oak tree that overlooks Bag End was cut down and transported in from the nearby Matamata.  Artificial leaves were brought in from Taiwan and individually wired onto the tree.  The Mill and double arch bridge were built out of scaffolding, ply and polystrene. Thatch for the roofs of the Green Dragon and The Mill were cut from rushes around the farm.  Today all of this is maintained to keep the magic of the Shire alive.

Hobbiton-5 Hobbiton-4 Hobbiton-3 Hobbiton-2 HobbitonSome of the Hobbit Holes.

Hobbiton-7 The Mill and double arched bridge. Hobbiton-6The inside of the green dragon.  We were treated to either ale, hard cider, or ginger beer and a “second breakfast”.   Our guide explained a number of camera tricks used to obtain the results of the hobbit height.

It was a fun day for me, as I loved the movies, knowing it was tricksy was ok.  This was an expansive set and you walked up and down the hills to see each of the holes and listed to information on the fireworks and how they made the hobbits run away from a dragon that was not there.  A lot of this information was not new to me as we have Universal Studios and a number of the things they talked about have been explained to me there.

We have now departed Tauranga which we had to leave during a specific time as the tide conditions would have made us stay for 6 more hours if we missed it.

More fun tomorrow.  Thank you for visiting.  Off to 2nd Breakfast.




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