End of Day 1 – Auckland

A 3 hour nap and I was back ready to go, at least to dinner.

We checked outside before we headed off to see if it was still drizzling and we were surprised with a rainbow – over the cloud.
Auckland - rainbow

Carol and I headed out into the district around the Viaduct Basin.  This is where the Maritime Museum is located and where the sailing ships that in town for racing are docked – an America’s cup sailing ship’s hull is positioned right outside the museum and there are a number of vessels that you can be part of a sailing experience.  There are a number of small cafe, bar, restaurants in this area.  There was a catamaran race so there were teams walking all around the area.  Also the NRL (National Rugby League) was having games in Auckland, so those young men were also walking around.  Between the restaurants and the people watching, this is an area that is a feast for the eyes and body.  We had our first dinner, with me getting a seafood risotto and Carol getting a Chicken Marsala.  Both were very, very good.

Auckland - sailinga little sailing with the Vodafone NZ ship.
Auckland - from our room the view from our room

Auckland - ferry bldg

The Auckland Ferry Terminal was designed by Alex Wiseman, and built by Philcox and Sons. Completed in 1912 on reclaimed land out of sandstone and brick with a base of Coromandel granite.  There are shops, cafe and restaurants in the building now.

Auckland - Auckland Lights a few of the lamps from the “red fence” near Queens Wharf.  The bearded face with the crown on the gate post/lamp base below (photo above) may represent Neptune or Poseidon (presumably symbolising power on the seas). The lions above may refer to Britain and again suggest power.

Auckland - Auckland Bridge the Auckland Bridge.

Auckland - The Cloud

The Cloud –

The Cloud is a temporary structure on the western edge of Queens Wharf. It was erected to accommodate Auckland’s commitment to host an inner-city Fanzone, festival and showcase event during the Rugby World Cup 2011, and it proved a very popular location to watch the games.  It is almost 180m long.
Auckland - sky tower the Sky Tower from just outside our hotel.

We walked around a little bit, taking in the sights.  We saw a little bit of the sky tower all lit up over the tops of the buildings.  A little bit of the Lantern Festival  was still there to be seen and of course, Auckland at night.

Auckland Lantern Festival Auckland Lantern Festival-2 Auckland at night

the city from the Queens Wharf

Auckland - Sky Needle the sky tower (hand held photo) to show the colors.

Day 2 was exploring a bit more of Auckland. More on that later.


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