Day 2 – Auckland

We woke up for sunrise, though not the best angle with the cranes for shipping between us and the sunrise, but it was still very pretty.

Auckland - sunrise


And we found that bear could not be trusted as he and the kiwi were trying to figure out how to open the wine in our room.Auckland - bear & kiwi

We spent our time taking in the sights around Auckland.  We decided to go with the Hop On and Hop Off Bus tickets and see some of the top attractions/views of the city.

Auckland - around town


Interesting what you may see around town.

Auckland - Carol at gardens-2 Auckland - Carol at gardens


Carol enjoying one of the many gardens we visited – this one was the MJ Savage Memorial Park.

Auckland - from the gardensA view of downtown from the memorial gardens.

Auckland - Carol flower


A couple of the flowers that Carol photographed in the Parnell rose garden.Auckland - war museum


The War Museum.  There was a cricket game being played on a field down the hill from this building.

The Auckland War Memorial Museum or simply the Auckland Museum is one of New Zealand’s most important museums and war memorials. Its collections concentrate on New Zealand history, natural history, as well as military history.

The museum is also one of the most iconic Auckland buildings, constructed in the neo-classicist style, and sitting on a grassed plinth (the remains of a dormant volcano) in the Auckland Domain, a large public park.

Auckland - sky tower a different view of the sky tower.

I wasn’t going to turn this into a food blog, but really now – when you see mussels like this, how can you not take a photo.  After our Hop On and Hop Off ride around Auckland, Carol and I had a calling to head back to the area we had dinner in the night before as I saw mussels at the restaurant next to where we ate and I had to come back.

I had 1/2 Kilo of these wonderful  not little guys – which was only 8 or 9 of them.  They were bigger than the fork, and you really needed to cut them up to eat them.  Served in a wonderful soup broth, with white wine and creamy garlic sauce. The sauce is so good you need to serve this dish with a spoon.  The New Zealand green-lipped mussel, (Perna canalicula), is also known as the New Zealand mussel.  Take That PEI mussels, there is no contest. Yum.  Carol had a chicken sandwich, that I am not sure was a salad, first, covered with Turkish bread, with a lot of chicken stuck inside.  What you do not see is how high this sandwich stands – over 3 inches.   Hands down the V-grill is the place.  Auckland - v grillGreat Food.  Now I can’t recommend the ice tea, because to a real tea drinker, this is not even a close relative.  It’s made from a syrup base, so it is sweet but the flavor is not there.  For those who drink wine, there are plenty of varieties to choose from.   

Auckland -sandwich The sandwich…..and

Auckland -mussels the mussels.

Tonight we stopped at a restaurant near our hotel and I had rack of Lamb and Carol tried their snapper dinner.  We are learning the terms (just a few – entree is appetizer and main is the main course).  We will have it figured out by the time we get home.

I walked around a bit more trying to get the skyline with the big camera and tripod.   The one I posted for yesterday was done with the canon S100 hand held.  It was ok, but I like to get my skylines crisp so they can be blown up in size.  Carol decided she needed to rest her knee so she retired back to the hotel.  Tomorrow is the start of the cruise.  Our ship and a Royal Caribbean ship will be arriving sometime in the early morning hours.  The Royal ship will be docked right outside our room, so the hotel has been sending apologies. Too bad it wasn’t our ship, so we would not have to walk quite as far, but ours will dock and the pier next one over so we will have a bit of a walk – not far, but dragging suitcases makes it further.  So rest tonight and curtains draw, lest the cruise ship passengers get a wakeup view they don’t want…



5 thoughts on “Day 2 – Auckland

  1. Marc Barnes

    I don’t know where or how you get all the ‘background’ information to go with your (outstanding) photos, but it certainly makes them even more interesting. It appears you chose well with your hotel location etc. It’s also nice to see my favourite sports mentioned (Rugby and Cricket).
    Am I right in saying that the Southern Hemisphere is just beginning its Autumn (Fall) season?
    – hence the showers and rainbows.
    The food looks fantastic!!
    As they say in (upcoming) Aussie land – “Good on ya sheil and fair dinkum”!
    (Or at least words to that effect!)

    1. Thank you for your thoughts – we are trying to experience as much as we can of the local things – like cricket and rugby. Yes, it is just the ending of their summer so the weather is a nice and temperate.

  2. Gloria

    Boy, that Bear is sneaky. Dipping into the wine… Thanks for the sunrise picture. I don’t I have ever seen one travelling with you guys – need that extra sleep :). Love the shark bus.

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